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Robert Maywood, M.D. (Orthopaedics)

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Dr. Robert Maywood is a Board Certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports-related injuries. In particular, he specializes in injuries to the knee and shoulder. Dr. Maywood has worked with numerous professional and collegiate  athletes and held positions of Associate Team Physician for the New England Patriots Football Club, the Boston Bruins Hockey Club and the Harvard University  Intercollegiate Athletic Program while on the East Coast.

Aside from his  sports medicine expertise, Dr. Maywood also has extensive experience in the  diagnosis and treatment of industrial injuries. In fact, his practice employs a  workers’ compensation coordinator, who is responsible to better coordinate care  of injured workers, assist the doctor in writing ratable reports and keep the  lines of communication open with the carrier, employer, employee and physician.  Dr. Maywood has also worked on a consultant basis with employers on injury  prevention and employee education.

Dr. Maywood relocated from the East  Coast in late 1998, where he completed his sports medicine fellowship program at  Harvard University and his residency at the University of Miami, after receiving  his medical degree from
the University of California, San Francisco in 1989. Dr.  Maywood’s academic accomplishments include a long list of awards and honors  ranging from Phi Beta Kappa to Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society to the Terrill  Graduate School
Fellowship Award.

Now in San Diego, Dr. Maywood  maintains his practice at RMM Orthopaedics and remains active in the athletic  community as one of the team physicians for Point Loma High School.


-1984-1989, University of California, San Fransisco, M.D. DegreePost Graduate:
-Fellowship: 1994-1995, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital
-Internship: 1989-1990, General Surgery, University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Medical Center
-Residency: 1990-1994, Orthopedic Surgery, University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Medical CenterAwards
– Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
– Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
– Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society
– University of Southern California Academic Excellence Award
– Brown University Associated Alumni Award
– Town and Gown Scholarship Award Winner
– Watts Foundation Scholarship Award
– Terrill Graduate School Fellowship AwardAppointments
– December 1997, Lecturer, Dannemiller Foundation, Advanced Techniques in the Use of Implantable Stimulation for Intractable Pain

Professional Experience
– 1994-1995, Harvard University Intercollegiate Athletic Program, Associate Team Physician
– 1994-1995, Boston Bruins Hockey Club, Associate Team Physician
– 1990-1994, Miami/Dade County High School Football Program, Team coverage and physical examinations
– 1987, Southern California Center of Sports Medicine, Research Assistant
– 1984, Pasadena Athletic Camp for Underprivileged Children, Associate Director
– 1984, University of Southern California/Los Angeles Olympics Committee
– 1994-1995, New England Patriots Football Club, Associate Team Physician

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